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Beginning - 
Every story has a beginning. Discover how CARATLUSH began in 2017 and grew into a global powerhouse at the forefront of innovative jewelry design, expert craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

CARATLUSH is India's leading jewelry design house of precious jewellery with a touch of tradition and a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship.
The brand, founded in 2017 specializes in bespoke luxury jewels that are a beautiful juxtaposition of diamonds and ethically sourced stones to create modern yet covetable one-of-a-kind baubles. Our jewels are subtle alchemy of contemporary and classic, precious stones with diamonds, refined finishes and fluid movement to create some of the most alluring designs which would stand the test of time.

"CARATLUSH is a magical kingdom of superlative jewels and exceptional workmanship. Our jewels are a melting pot full of imagination, creativity and passion to create some of the most beautiful pieces imaginable."