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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring – A Guide

by ROHIT GOEL on May 18, 2021

How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement is a highly momentous occasion of a couple's life, where two people commit to staying together forever. The physical symbol of this beautiful moment is an engagement ring!

However, finding a ring is never easy. If one doesn't purchase jewellery often, they may not be very knowledgeable on buying the right piece, and there are several options on the market! How does one decide what type of ring to pick up?

Experts at CaratLush have the perfect tips for you:


1) Decide on the engagement ring band

Engagement rings come in a variety of metal bands –yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and more. Depending on the taste of your partner, you will need to select a suitable band. Every metal is beautiful, but it all comes down to preference. We suggest taking a look at your partner’s jewellery choice, rings explicitly, to confirm their liking.


2) Choose an appropriate style

Not every engagement ring is set in the same way. You could choose a solitaire setting, bezel setting, an eternity band or others. Once again, it depends on what your partner will enjoy.


3) Evaluating the diamond

Every diamond has its gradation, and the 4 Cs determine this:

Cut: Diamonds that are cut well can efficiently bounce light off from one edge to another and add a superb brilliance to the stone. It all depends on the jewel cutter. The cut greatly impacts the final look of the rock. There are several different cut styles for your perusal.

Color: Diamond colouration is graded from D (highest – colourless) to Z (light yellow). Colorless diamonds are rare and expensive, but what you see in the market are mainly white colour diamonds. The colour makes a difference to the overall look, so it is essential to inquire about it.

Clarity: Clarity refers to the lack of imperfections in the diamond. The fewer the inclusions (minerals or tiny fractures in the diamond), the better. They start from IF (Internally flawless), to VVS (very very slightly included) to VS ( Very slightly included) S (Slightly included) and finally to I (Included).

Carat: Everyone must have heard of this one. Carat is the weight of the stone. The heavier the stone, the larger the carat weight.


4) Consider going together

If you are not going to make a surprise proposal, it might be wise to go together and select your Couple Rings.  Everything will be out in the open, and your beloved can choose her ring. You can even select couple rings that match.


Tips for Women:

An engagement is two ways, and you will ultimately need to select a ring for him as well. Focus on the type of metal your partner would want to wear, and if he would prefer any embellishments at all. Does he prefer a thicker style? If it is a simple gold band, the details are essential.

We hope that this guide will lead you in the right direction towards purchasing the perfect engagement ring! Whether it is a gold ring or diamond ring  what matters the most is that you and your fiancé are happy.


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